Whip the Devil

San Francisco. Mid-century. Mindful of classic mid-century mysteries, WHIP THE DEVILis a blend of classic private eye and baffling whodunit.

When her husband is called to duty in Korea, socialite Meredith Cebrelli is consumed with worry and boredom. She impulsively decides to resurrect Robert’s failing private detective agency, floundering under the care of his partner, troubled, handsome Valentine Lynch.

Her plans to ease into her new role are altered when they are offered a intriguing cold case with a promise of a generous fee.

Meredith is unaware of the consequences of her decision and how much her life―along with others, strangers to her now—would be transformed.  Four people–alive and blissfully ignorant of their Fate, would be dead.  Stunning secrets would be revealed, a terrible wrong righted, and a pauper would experience an astonishing reversal of fortune.  And she’d undergo a transformation, treading an unknown path toward an uncertain future.